Solarwatt’s growth strategy in 2024: even more International innovation in the solar market

Zonnepanelen en terugleverkosten: wat levert een investering vandaag de dag op?
mei 14, 2024
Zonnepanelen en terugleverkosten: wat levert een investering vandaag de dag op?
mei 14, 2024

The solar market is growing faster than ever, as is Solarwatt itself. To maintain its leading position within the solar market and meet the increasing demand, Solarwatt has expanded its production capacity and the production is now also taking place outside off Germany. Of course, to the highest standards and with the best quality. Marcus Börjesson, sales manager of Solarwatt Nordics, talks more about this strategic move and Solarwatt’s growth strategy for 2024.

Marcus Börjesson, sales manager of Solarwatt Nordics

What are the main challenges for Solarwatt which led to the production move outside of Germany?

Marcus: ‘Solarwatt faced significant challenges within the European solar manufacturing sector. Despite the political stability, obstacles such as grappling with inflation, economic instability, and high costs have made us explore more sustainable and economically feasible options, particularly in Asia. It’s a move we have to make to accommodate the market and remain commercially attractive.

While it’s not an ideal development, we’re determined to make the best of it. Our focus is to make the world a better place, to make China a better place as well. Very important work is done, we are improving the workflow while lowering the carbon footprint and improving the standards. For now, and the future.

‘’If we can be the best at producing in Europe, we can be the best at producing elsewhere’’

How can you ensure the same high standards and quality outside of Europe?

‘’The move of our production location doesn’t compromise quality. Our products undergo rigorous testing, regardless of the production location. In the automotive industry this is already a common thing. When a BMW is produced outside of Europe, it’s not less of a BMW. It’s still the same car with the same high standards. The same applies to our Solar panels and other products. Everything we manufacture is our own. So no matter where our products are produced, they always have the highest standard and best quality while being made in the most sustainable and responsible way.

What are the current developments in the Nordics market and how can this inspire other European countries?

‘’I think we’re already one step ahead in the Nordics, mostly because of our very good subsidies and climate goals. The entire European region has set ambitious climate goals, aiming for climate neutrality by 2050. But the Swedish government laid out an impressive plan to transition Sweden towards sustainability by 2040, achieved through strategic tax reductions.

This commitment ensures that our subsidies and support mechanisms will remain in place for a very long time, making solar installations a very healthy and interesting investment. I believe this should be the case for other countries as well. Markets that have good subsidies are expanding a lot faster. So there needs to be collective pressure on politicians, facilitated by trader associations, to encourage more people to embrace green initiatives.

”It should be a national interest for European governments to prioritize environmental sustainability”

How do you view the expansion opportunities, particularly in mature markets like Sweden compared to emerging ones like Denmark and Norway?

‘’Sweden is a very mature market, with a very short list of companies to collaborate with, making it relatively straightforward to engage. Denmark, Finland and Norway have huge potential, but experience different challenges due to the multitude of electricians and the complexity of discerning market players. However, we have a big interest in these countries and we’re already increasing our partners and recruiting new talents.

Solarwatt also joined the Swedish Solar Trade Association, what’s the reason for this membership?

‘’We’ve become a member of the Swedish Solar Trade Association as part of our commitment to supporting the solar market and contributing to its advancement. The association holds significant influence, not only in Sweden but throughout the Nordic region.

Supporting the association’s efforts to promote solar energy installation and increase knowledge about the industry is important to us, as it reflects our shared vision for sustainable energy development. By becoming a gold member, we demonstrate our long-term commitment to the Nordic market and our desire to contribute positively to its growth and development.’’

What are Solarwatt’s plans for future innovation and market expansion?

‘’We remain focused on sector coupling and creating smarter home solutions through collaborations with other companies. With a new range of sustainable solar models on the horizon, Solarwatt is ready for further advancements in manufacturing and delivery, ensuring our continued leadership in the solar industry with the best quality and most sustainable production methods.

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